Just Look Ahead.........

So this week was a tough week. I hurt my left arm and had my first bladder infection in 7 months. Between the pain and the antibiotics I was down most of the week dealing with the side effects, which are not fun by the way. I had to miss Max's year end awards because my body just would not go, as a father missing these milestones in my children's lives are very hard to swallow (it eats me up inside).

Today I was able to make it to Max's Lacrosse game in Boca, while I was at the game a young boy in a wheelchair wanted to check out my iBOT. I showed them all that it does and the boy kept saying he wanted one, the family was telling how much he misses because of his chairs limitations and how hard it is to look ahead. As we spoke the parents were telling me how the lack of help and restrictions the insurance company's put on them it is making it almost imposable to go forward.

Even though this week was a tough one for me, the ten minutes talking with this family made me put my week of frustration behind me and focus. I am just looking ahead and staying on track to make a difference. Here is video that The Alan T Brown Foundation received for the Mary Bea Porter Humanitarian award from the Metropolotain Golf Writers Association. I hope you watch it, we can never stop looking ahead.


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